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The City of Waynesville's goal is to make opening your business headache-free by providing online-resources, information and powerful tools.  Instead of a "one-size-fits all" platform, the City has updated and upgraded it business licensing procedures to better care for our citizens and our businesses.   

Provided below are links to applications and more information regarding certain types of businesses along with a list of fees for the corresponding business license and/or permit. Keep in mind that additional documentation may be needed to obtain your business license depending on the type of business you are operating.


If you are unsure which category applies to your business, you can contact the City Clerk's office at or call (573) 774-6009.  Office hours are 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 4:30pm.   All applications submitted after 4:00pm will be processed with the next days business.

Applications & Information

There are different types of license applications for different types of businesses. 

If you are looking to renew your Business Licnese, that form will be sent out late October, early November each year by the City Clerk's office.  If you are an established business and have not received a renewal form be sure to contact us.


Applications - Please download, fill out the application(s) and submit to the City Clerk's Office.

General Business License Application  - Used for most types of businesses such as retail, hair salons, etc.

     Liquor License Application


Mobile Food Vendors - Carts, mid-size and large trucks.

     Mobile Food Vendors Guide


Short-Term Rentals - AirBNB, Bed & Breakfasts, VRBO, etc.


Taxi Service/Vehicles for Hire

     Taxi Driver Permit Application

     Informational Flyer

     Background Check Instruction


Additional Documents

Commerical Lawn & Leaf Facility Access Application - Professional landscaping/tree services only.  Business must be located within Pulaski County.  Each business will be issued permit stickers for their vehicles.  Commercial vehicles using the Lawn and Leaf Facility without the proper permit stickers may be ticketed.

Emergency Contact Form

Home Based Business Questionaaire - If your business qualifies as a "home based business" fill this questionaaire out and attached to your General Business License Application.

Worker's Compenstation Exemption Affidavit

Additional Documentation Required

State Registration- First and foremost, every business MUST register with the Secretary of State's office.  If your business is not a corporation or limited liability company, you can register your business as a "Ficitious Name".  You can download an informational brochure on how to file for a Ficitious Name with the Secretary of State's Office here.


Commercial Liability Insurance- All businesses within the City are required to keep liability insurance on their business.  This protects both the business and our citizens and provides peace of mind when "life happens".  Be sure to attach this documentation to your application.

No Sales Tax Due - Also, if you are required by the State of Missouri to collect sales tax, you must provide a current No Sales Tax Due certificate from the Department of Revenue.   In regards to individual franchises your No Sales Tax Due documentation must list the City of Waynesville as the point of sale.  You can visit the Department of Revenue for further information regarding Sales Tax and/or Use Tax requirements within the State of Missouri.


Professional Licensure/Certification- Some businesses operate as a "Professional Business".  In other words, they must be licensed or certified through the State.  If you operate a Professional Business, then a copy of your state license is also required to complete your application.

Worker's Compensation Insurance- The State of Missouri requires every employer, who has 5 or more employees, to carry Worker's Compensation Insurance in order to cover injuries and other incidents regarding their employees.   That being said, some employers are extempt from this requirement under certain conditions.  If you are an exempt employer you will need to fill out the Worker's Compensation Exempt Affidavit provided above and attached it to your application.


If you are unsure what category of contractor you fall in, here is a breakdown of the definitions of Contractors in the City of Waynesville.

General Contractor - General Contractors are considered the manager of a construction site.  In other words, they hire "subcontractors" to come and perform specialized work on a project they oversee.  Some examples include electric work, plumbing, concrete or masonry and gas install.  If you are hiring subcontractors to complete a portion of the scope of your project, then you must obtain a General Contractor's Business License.

Sub/Service Contractor - Sub Contractors or Service Contractors provide specific service installation or repair and are hired by either a General Contractor or Homeowner.  As long as the licensee does not hire an additional contractor to complete their work, they should apply for a business license as a Sub/Service Contractor.  Be sure to note the type of work you perform on your application under the description..

Handyman - Provides a variety of minor repair and remodel services that can be completed without the help of addtional contractors.  If a handyman hires a service contractor to come and complete tasks on a project then they must upgrade their Business License to that of a General Contractor before completing the project.

Any contractor found operating without the proper business license may be issued a Cease to Operate Order on their job site until the proper license is acquired by the business owner.

To start the application process, download and fill out the General Business License Application


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